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Adaptive Cycle Loan Program

Adaptive Cycle Loan Program

We at Catalyst Sports believe that every person should have the opportunity to ride a bike.

Our adaptive cycle loan program is designed to allow individuals with a physical disability to be fitted for an adaptive bike and to take the bike on loan to learn and enjoy all the benefits of cycling.

Assessment and Fitting
Catalyst Sports Staff will conduct the initial ability assessment and fitting to determine what type of adaptive bike is most appropriate for each new participant. Once the right equipment is determined, the specialist will adapt equipment to meet individual needs utilizing adaptive grips, pads, and straps. Family members and caregivers are welcome to attend to learn along with the participant

The total program cost is $75 which includes fitting and training and the initial one month rental. Delivery is available at an additional cost (dependent on location).
Each additional month of rental is $60 per month

Loan Period
Following the 1st month which is included after the fitting, participants will have the opportunity to rent from Catalyst Sports for an additional $60 per month. 

Ready, Set, Bike! 
Please complete our Adaptive Cycling Participant Form and we will contact you to schedule an assessment and fitting.



The location for assessments and fitting is Cannon Cyclery, 11660 Alpharetta Hwy, Suite 105, Roswell, GA 30076

Adaptive Bikes

We have a fleet of bikes that can be fitted to accommodate a wide range of age, height and level of function.
The adaptive bikes provided are primarily trikes and handcycles.

  • An upright handcyle is for someone who has strong trunk control but is unable to propel a bike with their feet.
  • recumbent handcycle is for someone who has limited trunk and leg control, typically a higher level spinal cord injury.
  • The upright trike is designed for those who may have the core strength to sit upright but cannot risk a fall due to a current medical condition.
  • The recumbent trike is helpful for individuals with leg function, but overall muscle weakness that requires additional support.

All of these options provide an incredible amount of stability with a very small likelihood of experiencing a fall ( see examples below)