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Updated: Feb 12

A Catalyst Love Story - Part 4



a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.



a thing that may be chosen or done out of several possible alternatives.

Our Catalyst love story concludes with a new beginning.

You’ve met Maggie, a versatile athlete who has dedicated much of her life to sports and youth. You’ve met Brad, an outstanding sportsman and high school counselor who discovered his love of mountain biking through Catalyst. You now know Maggie and Brad spent one of their first dates mountain biking with Catalyst volunteer, Matt Kirby and soon fell in love.

Since the beginning, Maggie and Brad have been open to possibility. As individuals and now as a couple, they choose to try different sports, meet new people, trust volunteers, participate in Catalyst events and make life-long connections.

None of this - Maggie and Brad’s love story, city-to-city tours and countless accessible adventures - would be feasible without you, our Catalyst community.

Thank you for your willingness and courage to support our vision and believe in us. Because of your impact, hundreds of athletes with disabilities can participate in sports and access the outdoors.

As for Maggie and Brad? Their story has only just begun. In November of 2024, they will be married on the Blue Ridge Parkway, not too far from where they went on their first date and close to where Brad proposed to Maggie last October. They will have a Catalyst-themed wedding with Kirby as their witness and our Founder, Eric Gray as the officiant.

“After all,” Brad said, “Catalyst was our catalyst.”

Thank you for helping us create possibility.

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