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Team Catalyst Shines at IFSC Paraclimbing World Cup!

Updated: May 15

The Catalyst Team had a great showing at the first IFSC Paraclimbing World Cup of the season! The competition was tough this year, but everyone left it all on the wall. We are so proud of the work they've put in and the support they give to each other at every competition. 

Brayden Butler: 5th Men's RP2

Ian Gleason: 5th Men's RP3

Connor King: 9th Men's RP1

Nathan Payne: 6th Men's AL2

Mary Tankersly: 6th Women's AL2

Kimberly Walters: 8th Women's AU2

Hannah Zook: 9th Women's RP1

Here's what Nathan Payne, who qualified for his first World Cup finals, had to say about the experience:

Competing at this year’s Paraclimbing World Cup was an amazing experience I could only enjoy because of all the support from Team Catalyst! I am so lucky to have found a group of people passionate about increasing accessibility to adventure sports to folks with disabilities like me. Catalyst enabled me to participate in a world class competition through coaching, accommodation and moral support. I am fortunate to have found such an amazing community of kind and supportive individuals. Eric, Gillian, Jess and Emily at Catalyst have impacted my life in such a positive way! It is hard for me to put into words how grateful I am for this program. Their influence in my life has brought about such a positive change in my mental and physical existence. It is difficult for me to imagine where I would be had I not found this amazing group of individuals. Thanks so much to all who support Catalyst and help make experiences like this available to me and people with similar situations.

Now it's time to look forward to Innsbrook, Austria and Arco, Italy for the rest of the world cup season!

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