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Strengthening our Community

Catalyst Sports is a chapter based, volunteer run, 501c3 non-profit organization that acts as an agent of change in the lives of people with physical disabilities and our communities. Adventure sports provide a fun and exciting platform for challenging ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally. When this challenge takes place alongside a supportive and encouraging community of people, we all discover our abilities, our need for each other and the importance of living active and healthy lives.

Each chapter has a unique community of participants and volunteers that run weekly, bi-weekly or monthly adventure programs throughout the year. Click the “Locations” tab above to find the Catalyst Sports community near you.


Access | Community | Impact

ACCESS: Through innovative adaptive equipment and with the support of trained volunteers, we break down the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from accessing adventure sports in their community.

COMMUNITY: All of our adventures take place alongside a supportive and inclusive community of people.

IMPACT: Our adventures impact the participants, the volunteers and the entire community. Through these programs, people with disabilities are empowered to discover their strength and abilities and everyone discovers that we all play a part.

Our mission is to give people with physical disabilities access to the life-changing impact of adventure within a supportive and inclusive community.

adaptive kayaker smiling raising a paddle over her head


*We are passionate about creating access for people with disabilities

* We have high expectations for everyone

* We are Intentional – Everything we do, we do with purpose.

* We believe in the power of people and community.

group of adaptive climbers smiling and showing their muscles with medals around their necks


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