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Challenge for Access

A way to raise money for an important cause while pushing yourself in an activity that you love!

In this virtual event, you will be challenged to get active and reach one of three unique goals while raising funds to create access in your community.

The “challenges” you will be able to choose from are to CLIMB the height of El Cap (3000 feet) in Yosemite National Park; or BIKE for 24 hours; or PADDLE the distance of one of the most famous rivers in the Southeast, the Nantahala (48 miles). The challenge you choose must be completed in one month.

When is it?

It's totally up to you! You pick a challenge, you pick a month and then you are off to the races.

Why does it matter?

Outdoor adventure and recreation are a really important part of being mentally, physically, and emotionally healthy. We believe that everyone should have access to these opportunities!

Did you know that 1 in 4 Americans have a disability and 1 in 7 have a disability that affects their mobility?

That’s WHY we need YOU now more than ever!

All funds raised will go directly to support Catalyst Sports’ efforts to give people with physical disabilities access to the life-changing impact of adventure within a supportive and inclusive community.

P.S. Can’t decide which sport? Take on all 3 Challenges in a month! It’s called THE BEAST!

2023 Fundraiser Leaderboard

The Biking Challenge
  1. Selah Randolph

  2. Brad Dean

  3. Debra Dylan

The Climbing Challenge
  1. Catalyst Climbing Team

  2. RockSport Climbing

  3. Stone Summit Climbing

  4. Louisville Climbing Team

  1. Nathan Payne

  2. Brian Liebenow

  3. Connor King

  4. Gillian Sharp

  5. Suzanne Miller

  6. Hannah Fife

  7. Emily Moscoe

  8. Amy Mullins

  9. Caroline Winstel

  10. Aly Lee

The BEAST Challenge
  1. Eric Gray

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