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Race Ready

A training plan for you!

The Race Ready Program is designed to train and prepare adaptive cyclists to participate in a community race.


The Race Ready group will follow a 3 month training program in preparation to take part in the Early Bird Turkey Trot in Kennesaw, GA on Saturday November 18th. The distances available are 5K, 10K, 15K or Half Marathon. Included in the Race Ready Program is access to coaching, a training plan tailored to your selected distance and goals, and the opportunity to join regular practice rides at locations suitable for the group. The entry fee for the Turkey Trot is also included.

This program is Free and available to anyone with a physical disability.  If you do not have your own adaptive bike we have a bike available for you to borrow for the duration of the program.


In addition, we want to address any further barriers to adaptive cyclists getting out and riding, such as transporting or storing your bike, so please provide details if applicable to you.

Please complete the intake form below to register for the Race Ready Program and to provide information so we can plan the program based on each rider's location and goals. 

Let's get RACE READY!


Key Dates: 
Aug 16th: Final date for registration 
Aug 19th: Start of 3 month Training Program
November 18th: Early Bird Turkey Trot, Kennesaw GA

Contact: with any questions you might have. 

Race Ready Schedule

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What if I don't have a bike? No worries! You can borrow one from us!

What if I have a bike but have trouble transporting it? Not a problem. Catalyst can pick up your bike at the beginning of the training program, bring it to every practice ride and return it after the race. 

What if I don't know what distance I should train for? You can always change your distance to go shorter or longer based on how your training is going. 

Why is Catalyst doing this? We have heard for many people that some of the barriers to our bike program is the distance to travel and the difficulty in getting the personal bikes to safe riding areas. We are trying to remove as many barriers as possible to help everyone life happy and healthy lives. 

This program is supported by a grant from the Honda USA Foundation.

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