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Love at First Bike

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

A Catalyst Love Story

We’d like to share a story with you. It begins in Atlanta and it ends, well…we’ll tell you more about that soon.

Maggie Frederick, one of our long-time participants, first connected with Catalyst at an adaptive climbing event in Atlanta in 2014.

Although she continued to climb, in 2020, Maggie fell in love with mountain biking. Her face illuminates when she describes being on the trails. “Getting into the woods isn’t something we get to access daily,” she says. “It is the most healing place.”

This year, 68 participants have mountain biked with Catalyst during 18 events in 4 cities and 4 states.

For some, it is their first time on a bike. Others are more experienced athletes who hone their skills with a new community and sometimes discover new aspects of themselves while riding in places like Asheville, Knoxville, Chattanooga and beyond.

Maggie shared,

“Catalyst has helped me transition positively in my life. Mountain biking on the trails helped me grow…and helped me become more confident in myself. It has been life-changing.”

In 2020, Maggie knew Catalyst had impacted her life. What she didn’t know is that a year later, rain would cancel a mountain biking event in Asheville and a certain fellow athlete would take the initiative to make sure they got onto the trails together. It was the first ride of many to come…

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Until then, consider donating to Catalyst Sports for the first time, as a recurring donor or as a monthly contributor. Without you, we couldn’t support Maggie or our other 980 participants.

The Catalyst Team

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