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Love at First Laugh

Updated: Feb 12

A Catalyst Love Story - Part 2

As a lifelong athlete, Brad Smith knows how to stay focused and pursue his goals. On the road, on the trail, in school, (Brad is a high school counselor), and in life, he embodies determination, commitment and follow-through.

Brad’s first engagement with Catalyst Sports was in 2012, but it was in 2020 when he began mountain biking and accessed the wilderness through adaptive sports. Having spent nine years road racing, Brad found a love for the trails and now attends every Catalyst mountain biking event he can.

Through Catalyst experiences, first-time and veteran athletes like Brad are exposed to the beauty of the trails while developing the strength and endurance it takes to ride them.

“Catalyst introduces sports to people who might not otherwise have the opportunity,”

Brad said.

He is grateful for Catalyst for another reason - it’s how he met Maggie.

Hidden behind masks, as many of us were in 2020, it was Maggie’s eyes and her laugh that Brad remembers most about meeting her in Atlanta. A year later, they went on their first date in Asheville which included mountain biking with Catalyst volunteer, Matt Kirby. The adventures of Maggie and Brad had only just begun.

In Part III of our Catalyst story, we’ll introduce you to Matt, and his starring role in Maggie and Brad’s love story…

Maggie and Brad's first date - Fall 2021

Adaptive mountain bikes cost anywhere from $7k to $20k, leaving the sport unavailable to most athletes with physical disabilities. With your contribution, more athletes can have more experiences outside!

As you gather for Thanksgiving and look for which organizations to support on Giving Tuesday, consider a donation pool to fund equipment for athletes like Maggie and Brad.

As a gift to our generous donors, every person who donates over $100 by December 1, 2023 will receive a custom embroidered Catalyst trucker hat.

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