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Give The Gift Of Confidence!

Updated: Oct 2, 2023

Imagine if physical limitations forced you to think twice before going out of your home. What if everyday tasks took more effort than you thought you could muster? 

Meet Zoe. She was born at 27 weeks and 2 lbs 5 oz, not moving and not sure if she would survive. Zoe’s physical limitations have been a struggle. She wasn't able to walk by herself until age 4, and due to brain bleeds and a cyst, she has significant right-sided weakness. Life can be a real challenge for her.

Zoe participates in many Catalyst Sports programs, including our adaptive kayaking program. That’s what brought this smile to her face. But it’s more than just a smile or a single experience.  Participating in these adaptive sports programs gives Zoe the skills and confidence she needs to face life's challenges.

“I want her to learn that her disabilities don’t define her. Participating with Catalyst shows her that she can do anything!” ~ Beth (Zoe’s Mom)

We need your help to provide even more of these life changing adventures for people with disabilities in 2021.

Will You Make A Donation Today?

$2500 : Helps buy new adaptive bikes, kayaks or climbing equipment so more people with disabilities can participate

$1000 : Provides training and certifications for our staff and volunteers to provide the highest quality adventure programs

$500 : Covers the cost of a private guided adventure for a family or friend group impacted by disability.

$100 : Covers the cost of an adaptive bike rental for someone to experience the freedom of riding a bike on their turf

$50 : Gives someone a full scholarship to a weekend climbing adventure

$25 : Gives someone a full scholarship to any of our single-day group adventures

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