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Where have all the bikes gone?!

If you're like us, being active and outside during COVID-19 has been a necessary part of staying healthy. Whether riding your bike or taking a walk on a local trail, you feel better when you can go outside and be active.

Sadly, many people with disabilities don’t have access to the therapeutic benefits of outdoor adventure and recreation. Therefore people with disabilities often live isolated and inactive lives.

Your gifts to Catalyst Sports give people with disabilities access to outdoor adventure programs like rock climbing, kayaking, hiking, and cycling. 

One of Catalyst's many programs is an Adaptive Bike Rental program based at our Atlanta chapter. This program gives people with disabilities access to a bike that fits them.

This Adaptive Bike Rental program has been so popular during COVID-19, our storage trailer is empty and we have a waiting list!

  1. Make a one-time donation of $50 and YOU help to make programs like the Adaptive Bike Rental program possible!

  2. Want to make a sustained impact? Join our monthly donor team at the $10 or $25/month level and help cover the cost for people to join our programs all year long!

  3. Want to step up in a BIG way? A $5000 investment will fund a weekend Veterans program, purchase a climbing system, or buy a whole new bike!

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