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Catalyst Sports

We are a non-profit organization giving people with physical disabilities access to the life-changing impact of adventure within a supportive and inclusive community in 11 locations across the Southeast.

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Stories of Impact

Screenshot from the video showing image of a father and son. Father is sitting in an adaptive bike, smiling and son is leaning on his shoulder, looking proud.

 Scott's Story 

 Story by Visit NC 

"We've never gotten to mountain bike together before..."

Screenshot from video of a female kayaking a yellow boat. She is wearing sunglasses and smiling.

Carly's Story

 Story by Meta 

"[Catalyst] gives you so much hope that you can go out there and do whatever it is that you put your mind to."

Screenshot from video of a climber on an overhang in the climbing gym. He has a prosthetic on his right leg.

Corey's Story

Story by CNN

"I just want people to never give up in it and to keep their head strong... if you're having fun, what else matters?"

Your adventure and community awaits! Find a local chapter near you.

Image of a female on a hand cycle mountain bike. She is wearing a blue helmet and smiling at the camera as she approaches.

Adaptive Sports

Volunteers make it happen. Come join our mission!

Image of a group of climbing volunteers standing with their arms around each other smiling


The Veteran’s Initiative is designed to provide healing and camaraderie outdoors.

Image of a group at the summit of a mountain. 3 are standing with equipment and 3 are sitting in front. They are all smiling and looking proud.


Rock Climbing

Support Catalyst

Impacting lives and communities throughout the Southeast.

Serving over 1,000 people with disabilities per year.

Sustained by volunteers and donations.

It can’t be done without YOU!

Image of a young female climber around 10 years old. She is standing with her hands on her hips wearing her climbing harness and shoes. She wears a prosthetic on her left leg.

Catalyst News

Latest from the blog

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